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What should I consider when home modifications are needed for my injured employees?

Home modifications, which involve everything from installing railings, ramps, and high seat toilets to widening doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, are just some aspects of the benefits working with a knowledgeable home modification coordinator can provide to simplify this process.

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Why is translation one of the most requested and used services in workers’ comp?

According to a recent census report the number of people in the U.S. who spoke a language other than English at home nearly tripled from about 1 in 10 in 1980 to almost 1 in 5 in 2019 with Spanish being the most common non-English language. Given this, it’s not surprising that communication in multiple languages can play an important role in injured employee recovery.

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How do specialty solutions help injured employees receive home health care despite shortages?

When injured employees are struggling with a difficult transition home, they need compassionate healthcare professionals, who are highly skilled and trained in caring for those who may have experienced a severe or life-altering work injury.

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What is the costliest type of injury in workers’ compensation?

Amputations are the costliest type of injury in workers’ compensation, both in terms of lost time and long-term expense. Working with experienced prosthetic providers is therefore critical to control costs and achieve the best possible outcome for each injured employee. Manufacturers specialize in certain types of prosthetics, and Apricus gives you access to a wide array of potential providers.


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Why are specialty solutions important in workers’ comp?

From scheduling services to streamlining patient care, specialty programs allow you to focus on what really matters—driving better outcomes for injured employees. Partnering with Apricus, an experienced specialty solutions provider, gives you a one-stop-shop experience for all the equipment and services that an injured employee may need to help facilitate their recovery.

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How can I simplify DME requests for workers’ comp injuries?

Navigating the wide range of durable medical equipment (DME), which can include anything from medical equipment and supplies to modification services, rehabilitation equipment and electrotherapy units, along with the nuanced products in each category can be complicated.

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How are transportation services utilized in workers’ comp and why are they important to an injured employee’s recovery?

Consider what might happen if an injured employee confined to a wheelchair was forced to arrange his/her own ride to the doctor’s office or transportation to work during a period of transitional duty. 

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