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Emerging Workers' Comp Technology Trends

What are some emerging technologies and trends in workers’ comp that significantly impact workplace safety and rehabilitation?

Technology and workplace safety are coming together in exciting ways, leading to innovative changes in caring for injured employees and preventing workplace injuries. New technologies and trends in workers’ compensation are transforming how employers and employees handle claims, maintain safety at work, and support recovery.

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What factors should I consider when evaluating the effectiveness of a home health program?

Home health services play a vital role in aiding the recovery of injured employees who cannot independently care for themselves or need ongoing medical treatment after being discharged from the hospital. Understanding these considerations ensures a streamlined and effective approach to home health care for optimal recovery.

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How can home health be optimized to ensure the appropriate level of service is received?

Asking the right questions is key to providing effective home health services for injured employees. Factors like medical complexity, physical constraints and mental needs are crucial in determining the appropriate level of service, impacting both recovery and financial outcomes.

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What are the most common injuries for workers’ compensation claims?

In workers’ compensation staying well-informed about the most common and costly injuries is crucial to navigating the complexities of cases. This knowledge provides claims professionals with a thorough understanding of potential challenges, enabling them to make more effective decisions with greater insight.

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Can electrical stimulation devices help relieve pain after a work-related injury?

Electrical stimulation devices (ESDs) are often used as an alternative to traditional pain medication and can be an effective option for managing pain and promoting healing without the negative side effects associated with narcotic and non-narcotic pain medication.

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Are internet-connected medical devices a cybersecurity risk?

The advent of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has facilitated the transmission of data from medical devices and enabled physicians to remotely customize treatment settings. However, like other computer systems, medical devices are susceptible to security breaches, which have the potential to compromise the device’s safety and effectiveness.

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