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Can electrical stimulation devices help relieve pain after a work-related injury?

Electrical stimulation devices (ESDs) are often used as an alternative to traditional pain medication and can be an effective option for managing pain and promoting healing without the negative side effects associated with narcotic and non-narcotic pain medication.

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Are internet-connected medical devices a cybersecurity risk?

The advent of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has facilitated the transmission of data from medical devices and enabled physicians to remotely customize treatment settings. However, like other computer systems, medical devices are susceptible to security breaches, which have the potential to compromise the device’s safety and effectiveness.

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What does tesla signify in the context of an MRI scan?

In diagnostic imaging, medical professionals often refer to magnetic resonance (MR) scanners as 1.5T or 3.0T, denoting their magnetic field strength. In terms of MR, “T” represents tesla, a unit of measurement for magnetic flux density. This unit of measurement on the International System of Units (SI), was named after scientist Nikola Tesla.

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What are the most frequently used imaging techniques in workers’ compensation for evaluating work-related injuries?

Diagnostic imaging is vital in workers’ compensation, offering key insights into injury causation, severity, informing treatments and speeding up recovery times. Each modality is unique in terms of the images it captures, the equipment it uses and the conditions it helps radiologists diagnose.

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How does access to accurate diagnostic imaging affect claim costs?

Diagnostic imaging and radiology play a significant role in workers’ compensation. When an employee is injured on the job, obtaining accurate diagnostic imaging is crucial for assessing the severity of the injury and developing an effective treatment plan. Diagnostic imaging is often the first step in evaluating an injury.

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What should I consider when home modifications are needed for my injured employees?

Home modifications, which involve everything from installing railings, ramps, and high seat toilets to widening doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, are just some aspects of the benefits working with a knowledgeable home modification coordinator can provide to simplify this process.

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