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Hearing Aids

Restoring hearing abilities for individuals due to conduction or nerve damage. We provide hearing aids in a variety of styles and technological levels from the most basic to highly advanced.

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We are your one stop shop for all medical equipment needs, including hearing aids. These devices come in a variety of styles to accommodate an individual’s specific hearing needs, lifestyle and preference. With our extensive network of over 6,000 clinics nationwide, we provide custom fittings for each individual, ensuring a tailored solution that meets their unique needs.

Features and benefits of hearing aids include options for analog or digital devices based on the individual’s needs, with analog aids amplifying continuous sounds and offering options for amplification modification. Digital devices convert sound waves into digital signals for exact sound replication, reduce background noise and whistling, and can be programmed to adapt to changing hearing needs over time.

Hearing Aid Program Benefits Include

  • Audiogram included with purchase 
  • Free earmold
  • 60 day return period 
  • 1 year of aftercare includes adjustments, quarterly cleanings and checks
  • 5 year warranty 
  • 3 year loss coverage 
  • Lifetime free batteries 
  • Warranty management

Hearing Aid Styles


Fits on top and around outer ear and connects to custom earpiece within ear.


One-piece custom-molded hearing aid that fits within the external ear.


Smaller custom-molded hearing aid that fits directly in the ear canal.


Very small custom design that fits in the ear canal most deeply.

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